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What are "Moonrocks"?

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Our Delta-8 Moonrocks are a HIT, and will definitely get you Anchored! But what exactly are moonrocks?

Moonrocks are flower buds carefully coated in the highest quality distillate, then rolled in layers of high-potency kief! Moonrocks are an awesome way to get the most out of your flower! Smoking moonrocks can produce a euphoric/mind altering affect, lasting for long periods of time.

Each of our Delta-8 moonrock packages includes 3.5g of top shelf, hand-trimmed flower, with 650mg in each container! Not to mention we make and manufacture this product all in our very own manufacturing facility.

Enjoy your moonrocks rolled up, or in a bowl, but don't put these bad boys in a grinder. With each nug having been coated in distillate, if put into a grinder, it is likely your grinder will be out of commission for awhile! For best results break each bud up with your hands.

Puff all your worries away, and order some moonrocks today!

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